Thursday, November 19, 2009

Local Collaborations

It has been a busy time here for the Ole Boots. A beautiful year of weather has dissolved into high winds and rain, but no matter. I have been bust creating all sorts of lovely new things and participating in some cool local collaborations and The Hearing Speech & Deafness Center HSDC. The idea to collaborate with HSDC on a sign language/ bike themed T came about months ago and of course it took forever to get it finished. Collaborating with Dino and Joel at HSDC was really fun! The shirt turned out great and they even modeled for me! 10% of proceeds from this shirt will go to HSDC.

Also very cool and exciting, I was approached this fall by Mt. Baker to create 2 exclusive designs just for them! i designed them on men & women's shirts, T's and hoods and they turned out great. One is a big white tree and a chairlift, and the other is snowflakes and raven's. I wish I could sell them myself, because they are so awesome, but you can only get them by going to Mt. Baker's shop in the lodge, hit the powder while you are there!

Don't forget the awesome Bellingham Farmers Market will be open until December 19th for all you LOCAL shopping needs! Use the power of your dollar this holiday season!

HSDC Staff love their new shirts!
The back with the sign for cycling over a bike
The front says "Rad Bike!"
Looking good!
Mt. Baker Snowflake & Raven Men's T
Mt. Baker Tree & Chairlift Men's T
Mt. Baker Tree & Chairlift Hood Front
Mt. Baker Women's Snowflake & Raven T
Mt Baker Women's Snowflake & Raven Burnout V neck

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